Danske Orkesterdirigenter og vores Videncenter for Direktion, og Musik i Norden via sit Nordisk Videncenter for Amatørmusik er kommet i kontakt med et stort forskernetværk i hele verden.

På den 7. verdenskonference THE NEUROSCIENCES AND MUSIC – CONNECTING WITH MUSIC ACROSS THE LIFESPAN i Aarhus i Danmark i juni 2021 blev præsenteret 55 forskningsresultater. Teknisk set skete det fysisk onsite i Aarhus Musikhus og med forskere online fra hele verden, forskere der arbejder på forskellige universiteter i projekter med børn, unge, voksne og ældre, og forskellige diagnosegrupper. 

Efter hver konference udarbejdes en videnskabelig bog, men her nogle korte hovedpunkter fra forskere til inspiration:

– singing is the most universal means of music making an ideal paradigm for investigating the genetic basis of music abilities
– music is a social phenomenon, in that we listen to, synchronize to, and make music together. This makes it a fine-tuned instance of coordinated human interaction that involves interpersonal synchronization, social entrainment, improvisation, memorization and musical communication, and may serve as model for social cognition in general
– a meaningful human life is not only characterised by survival but also by thriving and flourishing, which is strongly driven by social interactions
– we interact with music before we are born and throughout our life. This interaction with music and between people is constrained by the culture in which we are born and embedded

– ….studies provide the first evidence of a causal link between music training and improved hearing abilities in older adults
-…. choral singing tends to be motivating because of its benefits to social wellbeing
– according to UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, a child´s right to participate in cultural and artistic life. All education should include the development of the child´s personality, talents and abilities to their fullest potential
– there is continually accumulating scientific evidence for the interaction of music engagement with developing sensorimotor, cognitive, and social/emotional functions, health and academic achievement in children and adolescents in general

Konferencen var arrangeret af Fondazione Pierfranco e Luisa Mariani neurologia infantile i samarbejde med bl.a MIB – Music in the Brain på Aarhus Universitet og Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium (The Royal Academy of Music).

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Tekst: Steen Finsen

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